So, if wishes were fishes, and vows were cows, you’d all be swimming in steaks! As you can see, my promise to update this blog has gone unfulfilled, and I am hoping you will forgive me and I haven’t given any of you trust issues with my empty promises.

Take, these broken wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free…

But I digress my lack of blogging is for a very good reason—I have been hard at work finishing a new book which required quite a bit of research, about one of my favorite subjects-the 80s!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed deep diving into pop culture, movies, TV and music of the greatest decade.  And….wait for it…


That’s right people, lace up your skates, because I’m bringing you back to when banana clips were cool, and lining up to do the limbo on wheels in the middle of the floor was the ultimate test of balance and flexibility.

Check back here, and I really do promise this time, I will keep you updated on publication, drop some fantastic 80s trivia bombs, and maybe give you a sneak peek!

In the meantime, I encourage you to take your own deep dive into the decade that probably single-handedly put a hole in the ozone layer with all that aqua-net.   You can’t spin the radio dial without finding some synthesizer, and you can’t channel surf without stumbling on the brat pack. And that, is a good thing!


Who can name that tune? Ah, yes, my love of the 80s shines through in all things, but I digress ..


I am currently pretty excited. So many new things! New year! New Website! New Diet (I won’t talk about that because 1. It is so boring, and 2. All of my friends are so sick of hearing me talk about it they will spam their complaints to the comments section.)  To kick things off, let’s chat about my new blog, and how much I have learned about blogging since I last attempted to do this.


When I looked back at my past blogs trying to get a feel of what sort of blogger I had been and now want to be, I was struck by one thing, they were always very weather centered…. I had a lot to say about the weather back in the day when I was trying to get things up and running. I am shocked to tell you that, even with riveting content like that, the blog did not set the world on fire. But, as stated above, new year, new website, new me! I am dedicating myself to keeping this blog current.  And with such a beautiful website to call home-why wouldn’t I want to keep inviting you all here with new posts?


And about the website-isn’t it gorgeous? I have to admit, the old one was outdated, and quite neglected. The pictures were almost twelve years old! And while it was nice to have my more youthful face frozen there for posterity, it was time to step it up. Or at least that’s what I was told by my tech savvy kids.  So, voila, a new and vastly improved books by Julie Stone. I am hopeful I can keep it up to date.  It feels much like when you have a new car and you vow this is the one you are going to keep clutter free, no empty coffee cup or protein bar wrappers thrown in the backseat to make way for a water bottle. No sir, not with this one…  this is going to be shiny and new with fun content!


But if you know me, you know I am prone to nostalgia, so I can’t guarantee I won’t talk about the weather every once in a while just for old time’s sake.


PS Extra special thanks to Emma Stewart for all of her hard work designing the new website. She’s got serious talent, folks.